SB 1218

SB 1218: Developmental Homes; Licensure; Investigations

This proposal requires the Department of Economic Security (DES) to:

Determine that an applicant is able to meet the emotional, physical, social, developmental, educational, cultural and intellectual needs of clients before issuing or renewing a license for an adult or child developmental home

Inspect adult developmental homes and child developmental homes annually

This legislative proposal also authorizes DES to contract with a third party to perform services in connection with licensing. The Department must establish minimum qualifications, responsibilities and oversight for third party contractors that license or monitor developmental homes.

First sponsor: Sen. Brophy McGee

ADC Position: Support

SB 1218 guarantees that all agencies monitoring Developmental Homes are qualified and have no financial or personal self-interest in Home or placement of its DDD-supported resident(s).

This bill increases the health, safety, and quality of lifeĀ for Arizonans with I/DD living in Developmental Homes by providing the same oversight protections given to residents of Group Homes.