JOIN US! Disability Rights Rally – March 22, 2017

 ADC Rally  –  NOW is the time to make your voice heard!

Senate Bill 1198 is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, March 22 @ 2pm in the House Judiciary Committee. Contact members of the Committee today and let them know that civil rights for people with disabilities are important to you and ask them to oppose SB1198.

Contact information for committee members is below:

Eddie Farnsworth (R) District 18
Committee Chairman
Phone: 602-926-5735

Mark Finchem (R) District 11
Phone: 602-926-3122

Sally Ann Gonzales (D) District 3
Phone: 602-926-3278

Daniel Hernandez (D) District 2
Phone: 602-926-4840

Anthony T. Kern (R) District 20
Phone: 602-926-3102

David Stringer (R) District 1
Phone: 602-926-4838

Maria Syms (R) District 28
Phone: 602-926-4860

Paul Boyer (R) District 20
Phone: 602-926-4173
Kirsten Engel (D) District 10
Phone: 602-926-5178

Senate Bill 1198 was recently approved by the full Senate and has moved to the Arizona House Judiciary Committee. Senate Bill 1198 treats people with disabilities like second-class citizens, takes away our rights, and delays access!

Rally behind us on March 22, 2017.
Arizona Capitol Rose Garden
(west of House of Representatives)
1700 W. Washington
Phoenix, AZ
11 a.m. on Wednesday, March 22
Plan to stay for 2 p.m. bill hearing
Free parking off Washington Street,
between 15th and 17th Avenues

Show support for people with disabilities in Arizona…

While access to businesses, healthcare providers, human service organizations, and other entities has been the law for over 26 years, the Arizona Legislature is considering SB 1198, which would turn back the clock more than two decades — and continue the historic exclusion of people with disabilities from the mainstream of society.

After the rally, please join us for lunch and then the House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee at 2 p.m. where SB 1198 will be heard. If passed, SB 1198 will take away important civil rights for people with disabilities. Show support for people with disabilities in Arizona. Disability Rights Are Civil Rights!


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