SB1198 passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday and is on the fast track to gain Senate approval. If this bill becomes law, it will result in significant changes that will make it much more difficult for people who have disabilities to address barriers to accessibility in their communities.


SB1198 penalizes people who have disabilities and does nothing to resolve the problem of bad attorneys who take advantage of the law to file thousands of claims against Arizona small businesses.

Please contact the following Senators by phone or email and let them know that SB1198 is a bad bill for people in Arizona who have disabilities. Please be sure to contact them before the end of the day on Tuesday, February 21.

Bob Worsley (R) District 23



Frank Pratt (R) District 8



Karen Fann (R) District 1



Kate Brophy McGee (R) District 28



Sylvia Allen (R) District (R) District 6



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SB1198 is a Bad Bill for Arizona
Its time to stop building barriers to an accessible Arizona. Watch this video to learn why SB1198 is a bad bill for Arizona’s Disability Community.

Interested in knowing more?
– Download HB2504 Facts in PDF or TEXT
– Download HB2504 Talking Points in PDF or TEXT
– Download SB1198 Talking Points in PDF or TEXT
– Download SB1198 Fact Sheet in PDF or TEXT
– SB1198 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Contact information for committee members is HERE.

Members of the Arizona Legislature will introduce a bill in the 2017 session that will limit the rights of people who have disabilities to act if they encounter barriers or discrimination when trying to access places of public accommodation such as businesses and organizations. Similar legislation has already been introduced in Congress. However, we know that accessibility is still a problem over 26 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act became law.The ADC is launching the #NOAccessAZ campaign to show that our independence and freedom to participate in the community is still limited. The ADC invites you to share stories and pictures that highlight barriers to access that you encounter. Is there a business that you cannot access because they do not have a wheelchair ramp? Have you requested an ASL interpreter from your doctor only to be denied this accommodation? Has a business turned you away because you use a guide or service dog? Share your story and include a picture showing the barrier if it is appropriate. You can also choose to record a video. Just be sure to use the #NOAccessAZ tag so we can find your story on social media.Interested in Learning More About this Campaign? Go to the #NoAccessAZ page and view the #NoAccessAZ videos. 

Join the ADC and Oppose Anti-Civil Rights Legislation
The ADC invites individuals and organizations to stand with us in opposition to state and federal efforts that would weaken the rights of people who have disabilities to  access the community. Click here to sign on as a supporter of disability rights.