Join us in Opposing Anti-Civil Rights Legislation

The Arizona Disability Coalition (ADC) is a statewide, cross-disability coalition. Membership includes individuals and organizations from across Arizona who seek to provide education and engage in advocacy around disability issues.

The ADC seeks your support in opposing legislation that will be introduced during the 2017 session that will adversely affect Arizona citizens who have disabilities. The bill will be designed to limit the ability of people with disabilities to enforce their rights under the Arizonans with Disabilities Act (AZDA); the right to access places of public accommodation in the same manner as all other citizens.

The legislation is expected to be similar to a bill introduced by State Senator John Kavanagh during the 2016 session. We expect the pending legislation will include a number of controversial elements, including a requirement that notice of a violation be made to a place of public accommodation allowing them a minimum of 60 days to correct the issue prior to the individual being able to file a civil action. 

Members of the ADC and other organizations opposed the previous legislation during the 2016 session and are outraged that similar legislation will be introduced  once again. More than 26 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted, businesses should be expected to know and comply with their obligations under the law. Permitting the continued exclusion of people with disabilities from the mainstream of society unless and until they themselves demonstrate to businesses that those businesses are violating the law is absurd and unacceptable.

The proposed legislation would remove all incentive for businesses, social service establishments, and other places of public accommodation to comply with the AZDA and ADA accessibility requirements unless and until an individual with a disability recognizes that the place of public accommodation is out of compliance with the ADA’s requirements and provides the entity with written notice in precisely the right manner. Businesses will be encouraged to employ a “wait and see” approach, continuing to violate the law with impunity and excluding countless people with disabilities from their goods and services until a person who has a disability determined that the business was out of compliance  and provided the business with the proper notification.

In short, the premise of this legislation is that businesses should not be held responsible for knowing their obligations to comply with a law that has been in effect for 26 years. When places of public accommodation are not accessible, the message is that Arizonans who have disabilities are not welcome.

The ADC calls on individuals and organizations across Arizona to stand with us in opposition to efforts by the Arizona Legislature that would limit the civil rights of people with disabilities. By completing the information below, you indicate that you and or your organization are opposed to this legislation and that you will actively support the ADCs efforts to prevent this legislation from becoming law.


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